“I received my MVP-5 last week. It is a fantastic bass and has exceeded my expectations in every way. I played in practice last night and was thrilled. My only regret is that I can only afford one right now. With best regards.”

 -Randolph Johnston, M.D., WY

"I just wanted to tell you and Mike how absolutely and completely pleased I am with the work.
The new Amber Sunburst finish makes people gasp when they see it, and the fret job is perfect.
It actually plays better now than when I sent it to you, something I would not have believed possible before. I had not realized how much I love that bass until I had to gig with other
basses while it was away. Never again!  Anyway, just wanted to say "Thanks." It was a bunch of money. . . and worth every penny!  Best wishes,”"

 -Jack Hourcade, ID  (MVP owner)

"As always. My MVP, after four years, continues to inspire and amaze me! Not simply a musicians instrument, but a true work of art!"

 -Craig Beattie, NJ

"As your records will show, this is my second Pedulla instrument in a month! After the first one, I sold all of my other instruments! I am now 100% Pedulla and I have no excuse for not playing as well as I can! Your newest fan,”

 -Dennis Perkinson, TX

"Things are possible on these instruments that are not even possible on others. But more importantly, things are possible on these instruments that you never even thought of, brought out by the instrument itself. In addition to the exquisite performance of the instrument, the pleasure of owning and playing a hand made instrument, built by a single person who is known to you is something that few experience. People that ignored my previous basses stop and stare at my Pedullas. So do I!"

- Dennis Perkinson, TX

"I have the pleasure of owning a Pedulla Pentabuzz... A gorgeous cherry sunburst that still plays like a dream. Thank you very much for building the best basses I have ever had the pleasure to play or hear."

- Richard Shavatt, WA

"...after 6 months of use I have continually had the best experience with my RBTPJ-4. 
It seems at every gig the drummers comment on how great the bass sounds, girls compliment
how pretty it is and I have to agree Lol! The last two nights I have been recording... The Engineer and owner of the studio really dug it, I went straight into a passive DI with both pickups wide open and eq set flat and immediate we had great bass sound.  Really happy with my basses and your customer service, thank you."

 -Matt Rodela, CA  (3/16/2011)

"i love the new bass... after playing for 30+ years, and playing almost every make of bass guitar there is, i've finally - *finally!* - found my voice in your instruments, and i can't overstate how much happiness that gives me and how much that means to me... finally...i'm hearing what i *want* to hear. the instrument inspires me to play more and better, bringing out the best in me...  i'm not a wealthy man, but i look forward to ordering more basses from you in the future.  i can't imagine i'll be buying anything but Pedulla basses from now on... a thousand thanks, cheers, and all the best.”

 -Pete Gilman, MA

“Thank You Michael & Christine!  Pedulla are the finest instruments in the world. Its a pleasure to be playin' your instrument!  i finally found the sound i've been dreaming of. thanks for making my dreams come true! from here on out its Pedulla basses for life!"

 -Jerry Quintanilla, TX

...all I can say is that it is FANTASTIC! The look, feel, and sound of this bass is well beyond 
my expectations which were pretty high.  I ordered this bass you might say sight unseen since I relied on favorable comments and sample audio clips from various web sources.  My intuition 
was correct.  Of the now 6 really nice basses I have, including the [other maker's bass] with a
list price of more than three times what I paid for the ET5, this bass sounds better than any of 
them and is the most comfortable. Funny enough, there was a new 5 string version of the [other maker's bass] I have in the store when I picked up the ET5, and both guys in the store who heard both basses liked the sound of the Pedulla better. ...they didn't know the Pedulla belonged to me while we were playing. Needless to say, there were some oohs and aahs...  Again, thanks for a fine instrument."

 -Nkwanta Gresham, GA

"I'm a pro bassist of over 30 years experience, working in the crowded Nashville scene. My Thunderbolt always gets a big 'Wow' from the audio engineer and other musicians, whether live or in the studio. It certainly has a distinct, authoritative sound, remarkably clear and warm at the same time. The feel of the instrument is welcoming and balanced, with neck size and string spacing that matches my hands like no other. When I purchased the TB5 I had auditioned every high-end bass... the Thunderbolt distinguished itself above the others. It had everything tonally I was looking for, plus a unique character apart from other makes. I take the time to write this as a way of thanking Michael for building these superior basses. I thanked Michael in person at NAMM in 2009, a very gracious man. These instruments are so visually striking that they would stand alone as sculpture... which inspires the player in intangible ways." 

 -Kirk Eberhard, TN

"I played the Thunderbass and she sounded so good I just HAD to bump up the volume a bit... she sang beautifully all night long... great night and the absolute BEST bass anyone could ask for!! I can't wait to do it again!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

  -Blaine Patrick

"I'd also like to report on my Thunderbass - she's been to several dozen gigs now and is the only bass I'm using when I play out. Not only do people come up and say: "That is a beautiful bass - I love it!", they also comment on how the bass sounds really full. I'm playing with a trio, a rock band and a big horn band these days and the Thunderbass is perfect, no matter what the venue. Thanks again for an incredible instrument”

 -Blaine Patrick



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