“I am truly honored to be listed on the Pedulla Artist page. I can’t tell you what a fantastic bass Michael makes. It is addictive. My only regret is that I’ve waited this long in my life to own one. Although it is magnificent for everyday bass duties, any bassist who ever had the notion to play a meoldy on his bass is missing out if he’s not attempting that melody on a Pedulla.”

 - Bob Birch, Bassist, Elton John Band (Pedulla Artist)

"My musical heart and soul bursts when I play this kind of music on my Pedulla and I have a sound by playing this instrument that no-one can touch - anywhere!  My Buzz is perfect for this type of modern Christian rock and it's so rewarding from the outpouring of love that we get from people who attend our events.  I even have people come up to me and tell me that I'm the best bass player they have ever heard in this type of musical genre and I have a sound that they have never heard from a bass before. I cannot take all the credit myself however, it's my bass that makes my sound and drives me to be the best that I can be. So special thanks to Michael for creating a superior instrument and to you Christine for your superior customer service and kindness. I do not own another bass and do not plan on owning another except perhaps, another Pedulla." 

 -David Lis, FL

"I have been playing 40 years and have 20 basses. I must tell you that my Pedulla instrument (BUZZ-4) is by far the finest bass I have ever played or owned. It is clear that Michael cares about his basses. Every compliment that appears on your web-page from users is true. Every time I have interacted with the Pedulla organization it has been a true pleasure."

 -Mike Lahr, OR

"It was without a doubt the nicest musical instrument I have ever experienced. It was magical. The fretboard finish is very tough and produces very bright tones I've never experienced on any other fretless instrument. It is undoubtedly my dream bass. Nothing comes close!"

 -Jeremy G.Winter, WI

"I can't thank you enough for the great finish job on my neck, thank you! I was soo happy to get my bass back  this week and gig with it the last two nights. This bass works in every style and mix, live and recorded and I'm crazy over the way it feels!"

 -Matt Rodela, CA

"Thanks for making the finest bass I've ever played!"

 -Ethan Hall, TX

"I own a MVP Buzz 5-string and ET5 Thunderbass, absolutely love them. I use them to teach with, play out in every style, etc., and they are simply stunning instruments!"

 -Ben Titus

"Thank you for making an instrument that raised the bar :)”

 -Jeremy G Winter

 ‘We just finished our 6th album, did all my tracks with my MVP5. Every engineer loved recording it, couldn't believe how naturally great and complete it sounded. I've been playing Pedulla bass for about 30 years. Thank you for all these years of great sound and quality. You're the best."

"Michael built a custom MVP4 for me in 1981. Since I switched to the MVP5, my son plays the 4-string. My Pedulla handed down from generation to generation. Very cool."

 -Joseph A. Baglione, the Fat City Band, Boston, MA

"I will never forget the day I literally fell in love with the PentaBuzz. I knew the second I played it that it was the instrument for me. The shimmering, singing upper register, and the thunderous, rumbling lows. It is my only bass and I have never wanted another. It truly was love at first sight and sound. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received over about the bass. The way it looks, the workmanship, but especially the sound. It seems the rest of the world loves the bass, too. The feedback has been incredible. The sound and the look of the PentaBuzz are totally original and you should be very proud of what you have created. There is nothing like it in the world!!!! The PentaBuzz has changed my life. THANK YOU!!!!!”

 -Drew McCabe, NY

"When my Pedulla entered my life, it was like I had found my soul-mate of basses. I literally have owned almost every make and model of bass... the Pedulla is the Triathlete of Basses because it has the kind of flexibility to play everything from solid thundering rock to flashy and meticulous jazz. It can sound full and rich at the softest volume and thick and thundering on '11'. ... Mike is without a doubt a Master Craftsman and if he hasn't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet, he should be!"

 -Vernon West, MA

"I've been playing bass 28 years... I've been playing my Thunderbass since the mid-90s... I absolutely love it and it plays so good that it elevates my playing.  I've played some other high-end basses but none of them compared to my Thunderbass! I get lots of compliments on its look and tone. I can honestly say that my Pedulla makes me a better player because it plays like a dream. Thanks for making some of the best basses on the planet!! They'll have to pry my Pedulla out of my dead hands - hopefully not in the near future!"

[We later received: "I got a Thunderbuzz and simply LOVE it!!! It makes the perfect companion to my other (fretted) Thunderbass."

 -Craig Burns, WI

"For the kind of music I play I have found your Nuance model to offer the best sound of any bass I have played over the years across the product lines of many of your competitors."

 -Kevin Mann, Canada



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