“Mike Pedulla doesn't mess around. These are fretlesses as an art form, from the glassy finish of the neck, to the pickup sound, a bassists' "inner Jaco" can be summoned at playing of the first note. And, if you think they're all about slippin' & slidin' check out Doug Johns' brand of funk he gets out of his fretted Pedulla” (click here)

 -Will Lee, NYC,   (Pedulla Artist)

"When I got the call that my MVP5 arrived, I was excited, I had always wanted one. When I opened the case, I said "WOW", unbelievable how nice, everything about it. The sound was unbelievable, even without an amp. More than what I expected and it just gets better and better the more I play that bass. It's like worth it's weight in gold. Thank you for being the best bass company. It really shows how awesome your basses are."

 -John A Zebro, Jr., NJ

"I had the bass held for pickup. A couple of guys there seemed interested in the bass so we opened it there. Everyone was impressed. Its beautiful, plays extremely well... the playability is tremendous, I think it can play itself. I've wanted one for years and I am very pleased. Thanks again."

 -Ray Goodrich, CA

"I just wanted to write to tell you how amazing the Thunderbolt I bought is (I noticed it was on your homepage for a little bit). I played my first show with it not too long ago and, WOW, night and day compared to how any other basses sounded at our shows. It just completely filled the room with the *right* low end frequencies. People who didn't know squat about basses even came up to me to tell me that they felt what I was playing!Thank you both again for this amazing piece of art.” 

 -Chris Petropulos, NH

"I have to tell you I really love this bass. The more I play it the more I want to play it. I've played it through a couple of different amps in different situations and it always comes through. Very expressive, from dark growl to sweet purr. The best bass I've ever played. Thanks!!" 

 -Ray Goodrich, CA

“I just want to let you know how great your cases are. I ran over mine with my car. The bass was not hurt, but I was expecting the worse when I got out of my car."  [The cases are not designed to be driven over. Do not attempt.]

 -Steve Dokken, IN

"I've been playing the bass since I bought it used in 2000, and it looks all beat to hell and beautifully distressed. Would you like me to try and take some pictures of it so people know Pedulla basses last under working conditions?  ...I recorded nearly all the parts for the CD using this bass and spent two years touring using my Rapture as my only bass with a B-string on the road. Rapture continues to serve me very well as I create more music of my own."

 -Jon Lavigne, WV  (2/5/2013)

“The sound tech told me that my bass (Thunderbass ET5) is the best, cleanest sounding bass he’d heard in a long, long time. It’s really amazing and a blessing to play such an amazing bass guitar. Thank you so very much for your artistry and commitment to build the very best basses in the world. You rock!”

 -Dennis Mease, TX

I’ve lusted after one of these for years and the bass is better than I imagined.”

 -Fritz Marial, WA

I was dreaming of playing my Pedulla Bass and was awakened to realize without it, life is a nightmare.”

 -Donovan Goble, OH

“I wanted to write and say how much I’ve enjoyed my Pedulla Thunderbolt. I continually enjoy practicing and performing with it. It’s a beautiful tiger-stripe wood and the playability is phenomenal. I primarily play in a church context and occasionally play coffee house type venues, although my favorite context is playing with my wife for people who are homeless or coming off the street and don’t often have access to live music. Thank you for making such a beautiful and well-crafted instrument.

 -Paul Martin of BC, Canada

“I’ve been a big fan & player of Pedulla basses for 20 years now. I’ve toured with my two Pedullas all over the US and Europe. I ahve used them in the studio with producers like David Lowery (Counting Crows, Cracker), Roscoe Ambel (Joan Jett, Steve Earl, Ryan Adams), Tin Hartfield (Keith Richards, Death Cab for Cutie), Brian Paulson (Breck, Wilco), Grammy winning enigineer Niklas Flyckt, Anders Bagge (Santana, Madonna, Celine Dion) and all have been complimentarty of my tone using my two Pedulla basses. Best tone ever!”

 -Mason Pitts

“Hello fron Italy...just love your brand and instruments, I own a Rapture J-2 cherry sunburst 5-string, and believe me, I NEVER PLAYED BETTER!...Please, never stop making masterpieces.”

 -Luigi Della Rupe, Italy



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