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“Just gotta say I love my bass. It is smooth as silk and such a thrill to play. It is just sick! Your motto “You never played better” holds whether your speaking of the player or the instrument.”

 -Frank Zahler, OH

“The excellence in sound quality simply amazes me as well as all others who hear this project. I offer my sincerest thanks for your creativity, ingenuity, and practicality - personified each time I play Pedulla basses!”

 -Kenneth Garnier, MN

“The recent resurgence of my musical self has prompted me to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a Pedulla bass. When I picked up the bass at 15 years old, this was the bass I aspired to play someday. She plays like a dream! Thanks again Michael and Christine! The most important part was the exceptional service during the order and manufacture!! Yup, after a three hour session on this machine, she sounds 746% better than could be imagined! She makes my fingers feel like magic and sounds like the devil selling moon pies in whispers at midnight.”

 -Jonny Tindall, CA

“I was able to pick up the bass on the way home from Princeton last night at the UPS depot. The bass is nicely balanced and very comfortable. East to play, great sustain, and very nice sounding. Feels like I have been playing it my entire life. What took me so long to buy one ???”

 -Gregory Senko, PA

“... consider me as one who promotes your products on every visual and festival available... consider me to be one of your faithful endorsers.”

 -Johnny Lee Long, VA

"I have not spoken to Michael since 1993. At the time, I was a young musician that had just graduated from high school. I was going out on the road full-time and as a graduation present my father offered to purchase me a new bass guitar. I had played a used Pedulla MVP at a local store and loved everything about it. I thought it a long shot, but decided to present my father with an article reviewing a Pedulla bass guitar in the hopes he would purchase one for me - a very doubtful proposition in my mind because I was sure he would balk at the purchase price. Much to my surprise, my father recognized the name 'M.V. Pedulla' and before I knew it I was in the Boston area meeting Michael and I got my bass - a five string Thunderbass. From 1993 until 1997, I toured the U.S. as a working musician. I played that Pedulla every night as my main bass guitar. Other bass players loved it, marveled it and I pushed them all to buy one (I know at least three players who bought one after seeing mine). I have never had any major issues or break downs with it. After 1997, I came off the road and only played occasionally. Recently, I have started playing again in my spare time - about 60 shows a year. In January, I pulled the ol' Pedulla out (I had not played at all in about 8 years), I plugged it in and began re-learning how to play the bass guitar. After more than 21 years, (some of which was downright abusive on the road wear and tear) my Pedulla still plays like a dream. Kudos to Michael and his superior instrument!! I can hardly wait to purchase my next Pedulla. I was on your website today and thought I should touch bass (pun intended)."

 -Richard Forrest Kern, NC

"I truly LOVE Pedulla Basses and no one could GIVE me a bass, even free, if it wasn't a PEDULLA. Sure there are other fine and impressive bass guitars but so many sound alike. NOTHING else sounds like a Pedulla, has that craftsmanship quality built with genuine care and love into each instrument. Finally there is a "ease of playability" aspect that has no equal. It has the versatility and sound quality to fit any style of music. Own a won't need another "Artistry Instrument".

 -Frank Borino, NJ

"I wish I had discovered Pedulla Basses earlier in my life. When I found Pedulla, I fell in love. They were built for me, sounds right for me. Every time I pick one up, it feels like it was made for me. Any contact I have ever had, you guys treat me like family and I really appreciate it. I would love to meet my bass maker."

 -Cary R. Barbaree

"We did our live recording last night and the producer who has done hundreds of live recordings complimented on how great my basses sounded. It's nice that people who are not even bass players can hear the difference."

 -Steve Morgan, TX

"I want to say thank you to you guys at Pedulla for producing (and supporting) such fine instruments. I know absolutely nothing about building a bass guitar but I do know that there is something special about the instruments you produce that seems to give them an undefinable "more than the sum of their parts" quality, something that is getting harder and harder to find these days."

 -J. Nathan Lawson, GA

"I bought this amazing Pedulla bass 2 years ago and it has changed my playing for the better exponentially. Not only does the bass beg to be picked up and played, I am continually getting comments from different musicians I play with who say things like 'damn that bass sound so amazing'."

 -Jeff Hocker, FL

"My fascination with all things Pedulla is based on superior tone and engineering as well as playability. But I do have to say, Of all the basses I have seen or played, the Pedulla has an elegance that most basses do not."

 -John T. Foley, MA

"I was yelled at three times Friday for not being able to stop plucking away on my bass between tunes. The action is so low and the Pedulla strings are making her sing. When my father was alive he liked to say "Always wait for the head barber". In this case, Waiting for M. V. Pedulla himself to do the setup was well worth it. Please express my gratitude to him."

 -John Foley, MA



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