"My 'hero'; the craftsman extraordinaire, who inspired me to love the instrument even more and to become a better bassist...and to play every day! Thank You Michael Pedulla and thank you for what you put in to each instrument...perfection and a sound unlike any other, From a proud member of the 'Pedulla 20 Year Plus 'Club' "

 -Frank Borino

"I can honestly say that since I got my Pedulla, I’ve not had any inclination to check out any other basses, and my wife will tell you that that’s saying a lot."

 -Chris Bradley, Canada

"Michael absolutely nails it with his instruments. The high end is just right - brilliant, but never harsh, and a multitude of beautifully smooth, refined tones. Absolutely the best!"

 -John Tree, MI

"Hi Christine here's my thunderbolt '99. I feel so Good with it in sound and playability that I don't use my other basses anymore. I would like to place an order to have another Thunderbolt 5. One is not enough." [His older TB has a rosewood fingerboard and he indicated he'd like a new one with maple fingerboard so he could have both sounds]

 -Stefano Cosimetti, Italy

"Hi Mike, It's Steve Mac. You worked on my MVP4 this morning. I just wanted you to know this bass sounds perfect!!! It's exactly the punch and growl I was hoping for. You nailed it! The action is perfect and the sounds I'm getting are amazing. I can't thank you enough for making such a great piece of artwork. I can't wait to have you work on my MVP5.”
You're the best Mike... "

 -Steve MacDonald, NH

"I am in a wonderful place when playing my ET5. It looks magnificent and plays magnificently, everything about it reeks of quality and fastidious care. I love the feel of the pots and the neck, and your strings, combined with the "Thunderguts" switchable circuit have a tone I think is quite superb. It is an absolute credit to Michael. I would never consider using anything other than Pedulla strings on it, even though there are other very good ones available. Doing so would compromise the integrity of the instrument. I was playing the Pedulla ET5 and as I was taking a break a person whom I didn't know came up to me and asked what was the bass I was playing. I told him and showed him the ET5. He said he had never heard a better sounding bass in his life and he commented on its fabulous tone and appearance. On another occasion, as I took a break, a man unknown to me came up and commented on the classy appearance and great sound of the ET5. I treasure moments like these. I can vividly recall the first time I saw ads in Bass Player for Pedulla Basses and Mark Egan's endorsing of them. I used to think I may be lucky enough one day, in far flung Australia, to just actually see one, never thinking one day I would actually own one. Some dreams do come true."

 -Adrian Madden, Australia

"I have owned several boutique basses in the past and after 40+ year of playing bass, this MVP is without doubt the best bass I've played. I could gush all day about it, I have a difficult time putting it down--love love love the neck! The fit, finish, attention to detail, just the pure beauty of the bass is breathtaking. The wide range of sound is ideal for the type of work I do; recording sessions, jazz gigs, film scoring, theater pit work for shows that were on Broadway. Amazing bass. Amazing craftsmanship. A work of art. I truly appreciate the love and care you put into each bass. Also I really, really want to thank you for crafting left handed basses. :))"

 -Jim Graham, WA

"Jim has barely put his MVP 5 bass down since he got it - he absolutely loves playing it. He'd sleep with it if he could! For lefty's it's very hard to find beautiful basses. This one is so beautiful and plays so well. We love the flamed maple and blue translucent finish - it's a work of art! We really appreciate the superior craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each piece, and that Michael makes each one by hand. We just got the Pedulla strings- thanks for the fast shipping! Jim loves them. They makes a big difference and really like the tapered core. Jim can't stop talking about how great this bass is. Thanks for making him a very happy bass player. We wish you much continued success!"

 -Jillian Graham, Seattle WA

"My band Mojomama is recording a new CD and I used my MVP throughout. We are heading into the mixing stage and the bass recorded just perfectly. It sounds clean, punchy and has some growl. loving it.”

 -Paul Rogalski, CO

"I just got my bass a bit ago. It looks, sounds and feels great! Many thanks to you and Michael! You all have the best customer service in the world. Hands down :)”

 -Andy Michaels, TX

"Mike, Thanks again for all of your hard work and attention to detail on my basses. They sound great and look beautiful. When I first got the [used] MVP4, I didn't feel like it was really mine yet until you refinished it. Now, I feel like this bass has been given a new life, as well as my MVP5, which, as I said before, has been the one constant in my life. Your basses are truly more than an instrument, there is certainly a connection that is personal. I wish you well in the future. I hope people respect your work as much as I do, you deserve it. You're not only a great bass builder but an exceptional human being as well! Thanks again."

 -Steve MacDonald, NH

"It is a beautiful instrument, and when people see my home studio I say 'This is No 1'. I have used it on stage and in the studio for all of this time. It is the most resounding bass I have come across when recording. Thank you for making brilliant instruments."

 -Graham King, Australia (Rapture Bass owner)

"Thank you, again, for manufacturing such extraordinary instruments!"

 -Kenneth Garnier

"I want to once again thank you for patiently walking me through the purchase. The 17.5 mm string spacing feels wonderful, easier to navigate than the bigger neck and intuitive to my touch. As with all of Michael's basses, this instrument is also gorgeous. The arctic blue is elegant, subtle and classy. I've never been one to collect instruments, and use what I have. This Pentabuzz was a long time coming, and will be with me for the rest of my career. Thank you, and many blessings to the master luthier."

  -Matt McKenzie , TN

"Michael Pedulla creates Sonic and Artistic Masterpieces. I needed a Bass Guitar with a BIG PUNCH for a Rock album I am currently working on and decided to purchased a 5 string Thunderbass. It is light in weight, has the big thunderous sound I was looking for, looks absolutely amazing, the action is fantastic and I could not be more pleased over-all. From the moment the guitar landed in my hands the Spirit of the Music began to Fly. Thanks Michael!"

 -Dean Kupetz, MD

"I have a Buzz that was custom made to my specifications. My bass tech here in Atlanta says it is one of the nicest basses he's ever seen / played. My son also plays and one day it will be his. It is a work-of-art."

 -Michael Versaci, GA

"I've had my new Pentabuzz for a month or so now and wanted to pass along a few thoughts, as well as my thanks for building such a wonderful instrument. I'll start by saying that when I ordered this bass, my intent was simply to add a fretless to the stable. That is, I figured my fretted basses (all fairly nice, mass-produced instruments) would continue getting a good amount of use. However, what I've found is that the Pentabuzz has practically replaced the stable entirely! I do some recording work with a studio here in Seattle, and when the producer asks me to come do a track he now sends an additional text commanding me to "Bring the Pedulla." Rather than test a few different basses to see what works best, we just go direct with the Pentabuzz and it sounds perfect right off the bat, which is a real time saver. It has a 3-dimensional tone that is full of energy and personality, but it still fits in the mix in a familiar way that makes it easy to work with. I'm especially impressed with the bass band of the EQ and its capability to add a startlingly massive and powerful low end without the muddiness you would expect. It's even better investment than I expected it to be. It's helping me set myself apart as a working musician, and inspiring me to play better. Thank you both very very much!"

 -Jim Morris, WA

"I received my Pedulla on Thursday.....she is beautiful! All details are so perfectly made that I can not stop looking at her. Thanks... You have such great feeling for beauty, harmony and perfection of manufacture.Yesterday I played on stage for the first time with my Pedulla. It has such powerful and clear sound. The color of every tone is the same, so it sounds amazing! I have enjoyed every tone that I played.....I am so happy I have her now. Thanks and wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!"

 -Dejan Zorman, Slovenia

"Absolutely everything you claim about your basses are 100% true in every detail, thank you for making a better bass , I am already a better bass player because of my purchase, I wish you the best for your companies future, it has been a pleasure dealing with you guys. This thing is an absolute monster, now all I have to do is get the amp companies to make an amp that can keep up with this thing, and I own all of the top amps currently produced, thank you for the piece of art visually and audibly, truly the number one bass in the universe."

 -Andy Franklin, Australia

“after finally ending up with a set of Pedulla strings (8 different brand sets later I might add!) AHHHH ...finally... We got that round, biting low bass and high end crisp solo and chord bass sound we were looking for. I have been playing bass for 53 years and own a 1962 Fender P bass my father purchased for me in 1963. It also has a set of Pedulla strings and it sounds like a 60's era bass should sound. I am more convinced now that you get what you pay for and your strings are superior to anything offered on the market today. And your customer service is second to none. Pedulla rules."

 -David Bruce (Hale), FL

"I wanted to let you know that your fretless Buzz basses are the best fretlesses that I have ever played. I have owned over 10 different fretless basses in my career and none were even in the ball park of a Buzz bass. So, congratulations on no small feat. I don't currently own one but intend to one day as the Pentabuzz is the tone that I have always heard in my head. I just wanted to say thank you for your obvious dedication to the instrument and for pushing the limits of the available tones from them. Outstanding work."

 -Chris Lester, NH

 "I couldn't be happier with my MVP. Everyone I play with can't get over the tone or the stunning good looks - especially me! All the best,”

 -John Grube, MA

"My Phenomenal Pedulla Pentabuzz arrived today! Perfect! The single most beautiful instrument I have ever held and second most beautiful instrument I have ever heard (#1 was a Guarneri Violin from 1762 in Cremona, Italy)! Thank you for your wonderful, informative and friendly service and thank you, Michael, for designing such a stupendous bass! You have truly Made My Life! Warmest Regards, Your Obedient Servant,"

 -Tim Pringpuangkeo, OH

"I use Pedulla strings exclusively on my basses, and have been since before 2000. Love both the nickel and steel formulations. They just sound great. Thanks for making (or developing and having made) such a great product."

 -Paul Francis, OH

"I've always been satisfied with your string product and service. The B strings are the most articulate and even sounding B strings I've heard and I like the tapered windings over the saddle."

  -Tim Magee, OR

"I received the MVP-8 this afternoon - another gem. The neck feels much slimmer than I thought it would, which makes fretting multiple strings so easy and fast. My Pentabuzz and MVP8 are the finest electric instruments I’ve ever played. I couldn’t be happier with the sound, feel and appearance of these basses.
Thanks and Best Regards"

 -Grant Angeny, PA

"Michael is at the top of his game. This MVP makes me a better player. I can't put this down! I've been playing it constantly since it arrived last Thursday! I love my old Pedulla - I played it for 30 years. But this new MVP is on a whole other level of quality."

  -Doug Johns, OH   

"A follow up on the performance of this bass [written Nov 24, 2016 regarding a Pedulla bass he purchased new January 2016],well it just gets better ... I can say that if I could spend my last dollar on a bass, it would be one of yours, without doubt the best basses in the world, no one comes close, thank you again guys, I'm so happy with the bass I want another, just need to save my cash, this one will be a custom though."

 -Andy Franklin, Australia 

"The bass has been received and already played... Thank you very much for all!!! :)
Im so happy. Thaaaaaank you!!!"

 -Armando Robles of Mexico

"I'm the incredibly happy new owner of a Hexabuzz I purchased yesterday. I've been looking for a very specific tone (and feel) for the last years and I've played every high end boutique instrument available in Europe... All of them had the same design for a voice. And then after talking with my friends and colleagues in music, [he] strongly advised me to look for a Buzz. ...I tried that Hexabuzz... I instantly fell for it. I brought it back home yesterday and since, I haven't stopped playing. This is it, this is the tone, sound and feel I was looking for, one that allows me to express my own voice with enough nuances."

  -Antoine Franqueville-Roy, France

"I started playing bass guitar at 15. When I was about 18, I discovered a second hand Pedulla Pentabuzz in a store. Although its shape didn't immediately appeal to my underdeveloped 18 year old taste, the bass melted in my hands when I played it. Eventually I fell in love with the shape as well. So when 4 years later a shop called me to tell me they had a used Pedulla MVP, I didn't hesitate and bought it without trying it. I've played and recorded with these two instruments for 20 years now, and I got myself even more Pedulla instruments. But despite the number of Pedulla instruments in our household, I always dreamt about having a Pedulla custom built for me (when I turned 40). So I started saving money (I was about 25). When I turned 42, my wife said...haven't you forgotten something? I looked at my savings account and realized I could make my dream come true. Because I had waited so long, I didn't even have to make a choice. I could have both a Pentabuzz and MVP5. 
In 2016 both basses arrived, and they're beyond terrific and breathtaking. In fact, I couldn't imagine these new Pedulla basses could be better than the ones I already had, but they are. The pieces of wood are gorgeous and the craftmanship is amazing. They play wonderful, sound wonderful and look wonderful. I concur with Doug Johns: Michael is at the top of his game. I [previously] had trouble finishing a few mixes for my album. I just couldn't get them right, but when I retracked the bass parts with these basses, they sounded perfect in my ears. They simply deliver, effortlessly. These basses will stay with me for the rest of my life. So thank you Michael!
I feel a need to thank Christine too: she raises customer service to a next level. It matches perfectly with the love and attention Michael puts into his instrument making."

 -Tjarko Busink, the Netherlands

"The bass arrived and I couldn't be any more happier about it! It sounds amazing just like any Pedulla would sound, very unique! I thank Michael Pedulla for what he does! these instruments are just amazing! And thanks again for everything miss Christine! :)"

-J Angel Esquivel, TX

"Michael and Christine,
I would like to thank you for not only an incredible instrument but great support. I have waited many, many years for an instrument made by Michael. It's everything I knew it was going to be. It's a work of art. I can't wait until this bass has my wear marks in it. Thank you. This is the best bass I have ever played."

 -Dennis Wilson, IL

"...playing an instrument of Michael's caliber has shown me just how "cheap" my [other brand bass; name omitted by Pedulla before posting this] truly is. Not just in the craftsmanship but also in its playability, it's tone, it's feel... He has essentially ruined me... but in a good way. I can't express enough how in awe I was when playing the Penta. It allowed me to be truly expressive in my touch and feel. Something I never really experienced before and that's saying a lot. I worked at my local [musical instrument retail chain store; name omitted by Pedulla before posting this] from '04-'14 and I played hundreds of basses. Loaned close to 100 as well just searching for the next bass and never finding the right one as I was so over the moon comfortable with my [other brand bass]. Even after just a week, I have no doubt that I'll at some point purchase an MVP. 
...even after just a week with the bass of my dreams, I am a changed man. 
Thank you again Christine and Michael for such an amazing looking, sounding, and playing instrument.
Your customer service is extraordinary.
I've been absolutely falling in love with my bass. I look forward to playing it for many many years to come." 

 -Chris Chmielewski, CA


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