“More than a year and a half ago you built a beautiful Thunderbass for me and I have loved every minute I get to play it. I am doing a project for my church and have been in the studio recording with my Thunderbass and WOW!  The bass tracks are incredible-----not because I am such a great bass player but because your bass has an extraordinary recorded sound. Playing live with my Thunderbass has been an outstanding experience but the studio experience has been great. Thank you. Cheers!"

 -Dennis D. Mease, TX

“Just an update, the Rapture continues to turn heads and ears. Just played a gig with many responses including “that’s the fattest bass tone”... That bass sings up there big time.  Anyways, THANK YOU again for a wonderful instrument. People walk up to the stage to get a close look at it too!"                

 -John Marossy, CA

"I have to write again gushing with thanks! ...Michael once again proved to me why I've been so right in insisting on waiting to take my instrument to him and him alone, no matter what it takes. I am ranting on to my wife and friends about my second positive experience with Mr. Pedulla and yourself... and truly am blessed to live in the same state as the man who made my beloved instrument. Best regards, your biggest fan,”

 -Rob Chung, MA

"Dear Christine and Michael, I wish you all the good things in life for the coming year and hope you will delight many more people with your beautiful bass guitars. Every time I open the case and play my bass I'm in love again : ) " 

 -Robert Klees France

“Thank You Michael & Christine!  Pedulla are the finest instruments in the world. Its a pleasure to be playin' your instrument!  i finally found the sound i've been dreaming of. thanks for making my dreams come true! from here on out its Pedulla basses for life!"

 -Jerry Quintanilla, TX

“After all this time, every time I pick up my buzz bass, it's still a "holy @#$%" moment... The buzz bass will be in my will, bequeathed to someone truly worthy”


 "i love the new bass... after playing for 30+ years, and playing almost every make of bass guitar there is, i've finally - *finally!* - found my voice in your instruments, and i can't overstatehow much happiness that gives me and how much that means to me... finally...i'm hearing what i *want* to hear. the instrument inspires me to play more and better, bringing out the best in me...  i'm not a wealthy man, but i look forward to ordering more basses from you in the future.  i can't imagine i'll be buying anything but pedulla basses from now on...  a thousand thanks, cheers, and all the best.”

 -Pete Gilman, MA

"The Nunace exudes a boutique quality but with a much more useful array of tones.A bass that not only sounds fantastic on it's own but remains punchy and distinct even through a dense mix, a winning combination for me!”

 -Tim Landers, CA (Pedulla Arist)

“I have used this bass in a number of situations... It is really a clear and clean sounding instrument with nice body and a unique character. It also has a nice punchy feel that seems to cut through a thick drum track more easily than [the others]. ... it really sounded awesome. I have enjoyed having it... it’s a sure winner for me.”

“The bass is so insanely cool. I love it! I truly love the instrument and having a blast playing it.”

 -Tim Landers, CA (regarding his new Pedulla Nuance 5)  Pedulla Artist

“You know your catch-phrase “you never played better”? Yeah, well it’s true :-). I’m not stroking y’all when I say I’m indebted to Michael for making basses that make me a better player. When someone has done something that touches my creative side the way Michael has, it’s important to find a way to show how much it means to me... and I’m just getting started :-)”

 -Conrad St Clair, Kicksville

"I knew being a bass player was my calling and that I would be doing it for the rest of my life, so I needed the best bass I could afford. I have a style all my own and Pedulla has helped me develop that style. For me, this bass transcends... and when I play it, I get after it! She comes alive and has a voice all her own. Michael Pedulla has the gift of creating beautiful "paintbrushes" and I just get to paint with them. Thank you."

 -Ronnie Dalesio, WA  (Pedulla owner since 1983)

"As I expected, it's another work of art! The bass plays great and I LOVE IT!...The sound is fantastic and the guys in the band noticed a difference from the Thunderbasses I normally play. The crystal clear tones, the punch and the lowend are outstanding. I look forward to playing the bass for many years to come. Please extend my appreciation to Michael for creating another master piece."  (RE: NUANCE)

 -Larry Lefebvre, CT



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