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"Pedulla steels continue to be the only string that gives me the tension I like, a clear fundamental focus that is ringing, clear, and growly all the way down to the open B, and a smooth high end that makes my basses come alive. I hope you continue to have Pedulla strings manufactured for a long time to come. If for any reason Pedulla would discontinue string sales, please let me know so I can buy a 15 year supply!"

 -Paul Francis, OH

"After 20 years, my Thunderbass still plays flawlessly and sounds fantastic."

 -Charles Grable, TX

"...have been playing bass since I was 16, I’m 65 now. I have many basses [brand names omitted from this website post] when I first played a Pedulla Rapture, it was life changing."

 -Robert Quintano, NC

"...am appreciative for your great customer service!! Lots of poor customer service out there these days. Keep up the great work!! Thank you for your quick turnaround and impeccable service. I am most appreciative!!"

 -Garry Murphy, ME

"I really enjoy playing my Pedulla basses, I would own ten of them if I could afford it. These are great instruments. Thank you for making such wonderful basses, the quality is second to none. Thanks again!!

 -Steve Roberts, TX

"I've been the very happy owner of this bass for a couple years. Gorgeous bass, plays like butter and sounds amazing. ... Many thanks, and please tell Michael how delighted I am with his bass."

 -Paul Baker, London, UK

"I've been enjoying my new bass. Mark Egan's comment that this instrument inspires you to play is true. I can hardly put it down, though the occasional need for food is an interruption :) ...The bass amazes me every time I pick it up."

 -John Barr, NY

"...the Pentabuzz has truly become an extension of my body and an instrument of pure expression. I (and other owners I’m sure) are truly blessed that Michael’s passion runs so deep and delivers an instrument that evokes such emotional attachments."

 -Chris Chmielewski, CA

"Hi Christine, Thank you for responding to my note. Now that I am at my desk and can collect my thoughts, I have a lot to say about Pedulla. Forgive my long-windedness, but I love your basses and am not afraid to say so. I am a life-long musician and my interaction with you and Michael, and your product has been so very different from most of my career and experience. I interacted with you (yes, you) a couple of years ago; and even over the internet/computer page, I found you to be kind and truly interactive and helpful. I was looking for a 2nd instrument and you were super helpful in getting me what I needed. I also want to tell you that I have interacted with Michael at a couple of trade fairs over the years and found him also to be kind, genuine and truly concerned with making the best possible bass for folks that play for the love of it and appreciate the difference between something made with an "artist's hands", as opposed to something stamped out by a computer or assembled from random pieces produced at the lowest possible cost. That is not to say that I have not played and owned a lot of expensive mass-produced instruments, but the difference between those and Pedulla is painfully obvious. The best way I can explain it is to say that a Pedulla bass feels like my hands. I can tell that a real human who cares, actually made my bass with his hands. That is exactly what I tell everyone that asks about my instrument(s). I say, "It feels like my hands". Every accomplished player knows exactly what that means. In my 35 years of playing and owning scores of basses, there is absolutely nothing that comes close to your product. Gratefully,”

 -Mike Lahr, Oregon

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Unsolicited Customer Comments    (PAGE 1)

“The Nuance exudes a boutique quality but with a much more useful array of tones. A bass that not only sounds fantastic on it’s own but remains punchy and distinct even through a dense mix, a winning combination for me! The bass is so insanely cool, I love it! I truly love the instrument and having a blast Playng it!”

 -Tim Landers, CA  (Pedulla Artist)

“I’ve been playing Pedulla basses since 1980 and they are simply the finest instruments available. The sound and beauty of the basses continue to draw me into the music.”  

 -Mark Egan, NY  (Pedulla Artist)

“I bought my first Pedulla in 1995. I ordered my 2nd and 3rd the next day. They’re serious. they’re real serious. I’ve been playing them ever since.”

 -Ric Fierabracci, CA  (Pedulla Artist)

“My groove is dependent upon my Pedulla. The sound, and more importantly, the feel, are what make me play the bass. A great bass should help you get the music from your soul. That’s what Pedulla’s been doing for me for 22 years.”

 -Doug Johns, OH  (Pedulla Artist)

"Michael is at the top of his game. This MVP makes me a better player. I can't put this down! I've been playing it constantly since it arrived last Thursday! I love my old Pedulla - I played it for 30 years. But this new MVP is on a whole other level of quality."

 -Doug Johns, OH    November 6, 2016     (Pedulla Artist)

“Thank you for your awesome craftsmanship and talent. Both of the MVP basses that you made for me are more than I expected. I can tell you put extra “love and care” into making these fine instruments. I’m so excited and inspired to make music. I really appreciate you. Thank you.”

 -Joseph Patrick Moore, GA   (Pedulla Artist)

I am truly honored to be listed on the Pedulla Artist page. I can’t tell you what a fantastic bass Michael makes. It is addictive. My only regret is that I’ve waited this long in my life to own one. Although it is magnificent for everyday bass duties, any bassist who ever had the notion to play a meoldy on his bass is missing out if he’s not attempting that melody on a Pedulla.”

 -Bob Birch, Bassist, Elton John Band (Pedulla Artist)

Mike Pedulla doesn't mess around. These are fretlesses as an art form, from the glassy finish of the neck, to the pickup sound, a bassists' "inner Jaco" can be summoned at playing of the first note. And, if you think they're all about slippin' & slidin' check out Doug Johns' brand of funk he gets out of his fretted Pedulla” (click here)

 - Will Lee, NYC  (Pedulla Artist)

“Just wanted to let you know, I just purchased a second Buzz Bass since I loved the first one so much. Your Buzz is to guitars as Stradivarius is to violins!!”

 -Bryan Berndt, NJ

“Two days ago a dream came true for me. I bought a Pedulla Pentabuzz. I traded two of my previously favorite basses for it. It hurt, but I am happy I did it. I have spent so many years and so many thousands of dollars on basses I liked, but didn’t love. I truly love these basses”

 -Steve Morgan, TX


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